• Paladin89
    • (Kbrad) New Quest - D072 - A Refugee in Common
    • (Kbrad) New Quest - D073 - Something for Jack
    • (Kbrad) New Quest - D074 - Work for Mizra
    • (Kbrad) New Quest - D075 - A Budding Young Scholar
    • (Segal) Area Update - Some updates to crafting hall so you can make Full Plate (Bronze, Copper, and Iron).
    • (Segal) Area Update - Added Ceenia the Fatechanger to Temple of Four.
    • (Segal) Crafting Update - You can now create custom crafted plate and chain armors; Masterwork and Ancientwork
    • (Segal) Crafting Update - Raw Gems obtained through Gem-mining can now be polished in the crafting hall
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  • Paladin89
    • (Aniril) New Quest - D080 A Dish Best Served Cold Blooded
    • (Aniril) New Quest - D081 Straight to the Heart
    • (Segal) Class Update - Arcanist updated with Breath of Hoar I ability
    • (Segal) Class Update - Dervish updated with Coldblooded Dig I, Quickened Thrust, Tender Prey and Sunder Tendons I, Dervish now has Class Feat table and should be able to progress.
    • (Segal) Class Update - Champion updated with Sunder Tendons I
    • (Segal) New Feat - Sunder Tendons
    • (Segal) New Feat - Coldblooded Dig
    • (Segal) New Feat - Quickened Thrust
    • (Segal) New Feat - Tender Prey
    • (Segal) Race Update - Dwarves now get +1 Skillup chance for Mining/Gemining
    • (Segal) Race Update - Gnomes/Halflings get +1 Skillup chance for Collecting.
    • (Segal) Crafting Update - GemMining now available as …
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