Concise Version, General Feats

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Body Improvement I
(CON 14)
Stamina Surge I
Stamina Surge II
Stamina Surge III
Stamina Surge IV
Stamina Surge V
Shieldmaster Guardian Berserker Champion
Body Improvement II
(Piercing Weapon)
Contempt for the Arcane I
(Survival 3)
Contempt for the Arcane II
(Survival 5)
Contempt for the Arcane III
(Survival 7)
Contempt for the Arcane IV
(Survival 9)
Contempt for the Arcane V
(Survival 12)
Body Improvement III Face of War I
Face of War II
Face of War III
Face of War IV
Face of War V
Body Improvement IV Adrenaline Burst I
Adrenaline Burst II
Adrenaline Burst III
Adrenaline Burst IV
Adrenaline Burst V
Body Improvement V Dire Soul I
(Battle Training 5)
Dire Soul II
(Battle Training 8)
Dire Soul III
(Battle Training 11)
Dire Soul IV
(Battle Training 14)
Dire Soul V
(Battle Training 18)
Body Improvement VI Renew Rage I
(Warrior, Battle Training 6)
Renew Rage II
(Battle Training 8)
Renew Rage III
(Battle Training 10)
Renew Rage IV
(Battle Training 12)
Renew Rage V
(Battle Training 14)
Body Improvement VII

Body Improvement VIII

Body Improvement IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Combat Vigor I
(CON 14, STR 14)
Brawling I
(STR 15, Battle Training 4)
Brawling II
(Battle Training 7)
Brawling III
(STR 16, Battle Training 10)
Brawling IV
(STR 17, Battle Training 13)
Brawling V
(STR 18, Battle Training 16)
Shieldmaster Guardian Berserker Champion
Combat Vigor II
Pin the Foe I
(Battle Training 5)
Pin the Foe II
(Battle Training 7)
Pin the Foe III
(Battle Training 9)
Pin the Foe IV
(Battle Training 11)
Pin the Foe V
(Battle Training 13)
Combat Vigor III Improved Combat Sense I
Unbridled Fury I
(L3 Warrior)
Improved Combat Sense II
Unbridled Fury II

Improved Combat Sense III
Unbridled Fury III

Improved Combat Sense IV
Unbridled Fury IV

Improved Combat Sense V
Unbridled Fury V

Combat Vigor IV Intimidating Force I
(Intimidate 5)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) I
Weapon Synergy (Sword) I
Intimidating Force II
(Intimidate 7)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) II
Weapon Synergy (Sword) II
Intimidating Force III
(Intimidate 9)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) III
Weapon Synergy (Sword) III
Intimidating Force IV
(Intimidate 11)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) IV
Weapon Synergy (Sword) IV
Intimidating Force V
(Intimidate 13)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) V
Weapon Synergy (Sword) V
Combat Vigor V Lethal Threat I
Intimidate 4
Lethal Threat II
Intimidate 7
Lethal Threat III
Intimidate 10
Lethal Threat IV
Intimidate 13
Lethal Threat V
Intimidate 16
Combat Vigor VI War Tempest I
War Tempest II
War Tempest III
War Tempest IV
War Tempest V
Combat Vigor VII Wildman I Wildman II Wildman III Wildman IV Wildman V
Combat Vigor VIII

Combat Vigor IX Frantic Lust I Frantic Lust II Frantic Lust III Frantic Lust IV Frantic Lust V
Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Defense Expertise I Combat Expertise

Shieldmaster Guardian Berserker Champion
Shield Riposte I Shield Riposte II Shield Riposte III Shield Riposte IV Shield Riposte V
Defense Expertise II
Shield Brother I
Shield Brother II
(Character Level 2)
Shield Brother III
(Character Level 4)
Shield Brother IV
(Character Level 6)
Shield Brother V
(Character Level 8)
Defense Expertise III Turtle Tactics I
Turtle Tactics II
Turtle Tactics III
Turtle Tactics IV
Turtle Tactics V
Defense Expertise IV Tower Shield Proficiency

Defense Expertise V Shield Bash I
Battle Training 4)
Shield Bash II
(Battle Training 6)
Shield Bash III
(Battle Training 8)
Shield Bash IV
(Battle Training 10)
Shield Bash V
(Battle Training 12)
Defense Expertise VI Shield Wall I
Shield Wall II
Shield Wall III
Shield Wall IV
Shield Wall V
Defense Expertise VII Massive Jar I
(STR 16)
Massive Jar II
Massive Jar III
Massive Jar IV
Massive Jar V
Defense Expertise VIII Shield Crush I
(Shieldmaster L3)
Shield Crush II
Shield Crush III
Shield Crush IV
Shield Crush V
Defense Expertise IX

Class Feats
Battle Hardiness I
(Constitution 13)
Battle Hardiness II

Battle Hardiness III

Battle Hardiness IV

Battle Hardiness V

Controlled Fury I
(Warrior, Rage, Battle Training 2)
Controlled Fury II
(Battle Training 4)
Controlled Fury III
(Battle Training 6)
Controlled Fury IV
(Battle Training 8)
Controlled Fury V
(Battle Training 10)
Enhanced Fortitude I
(L2 Berserker)
Enhanced Fortitude II

Enhanced Fortitude III

Enhanced Fortitude IV

Enhanced Fortitude V

Fierce Challenge I
(L1 Shieldmaster)
Fierce Challenge II

Fierce Challenge III

Fierce Challenge IV

Fierce Challenge V

Forced Advantage I
(Strike of Opportunity I
L1 Warrior)
Forced Advantage II
(Strike of Opportunity II)

Forced Advantage III
(Strike of Opportunity III)

Forced Advantage IV
(Strike of Opportunity IV)

Forced Advantage V
(Strike of Opportunity V)

God's Mailed Fist I
(L3 Guardian)
God's Mailed Fist II

God's Mailed Fist III

God's Mailed Fist IV

God's Mailed Fist V

Hardened Warrior I
(Constitution 14, Battle Training 2, Level 1)
Hardened Warrior II
(Battle Training 4, Level 2)
Hardened Warrior III
(Battle Training 6, Level 3)
Hardened Warrior IV
(Battle Training 8, Level 4)
Hardened Warrior V
(Battle Training 10, Level 5)

Hardened Warrior VI
(Battle Training 12, Level 6)
Hardened Warrior VII
(Battle Training 14, Level 7)
Hardened Warrior VIII
(Battle Training 16, Level 8)
Hardened Warrior IX
(Battle Training 18, Level 9)
Hardened Warrior X
(Battle Training 20, Level 10)
Passionate Crusader I
(Crusader's Dedication, L1 Guardian)
Passionate Crusader II

Passionate Crusader III

Passionate Crusader IV

Passionate Crusader V

Proclaimed Judgement I
(L5 Guardian)
Proclaimed Judgement II

Proclaimed Judgement III

Proclaimed Judgement IV

Proclaimed Judgement V

Smite Evil I
(L5 Guardian)
Smite Evil II

Smite Evil III

Smite Evil IV

Smite Evil V

Strike of Opportunity I
(L1 Conscript)
Strike of Opportunity II

Strike of Opportunity III

Strike of Opportunity IV

Strike of Opportunity V

Sunder Tendons I
(L1 Champion)
Sunder Tendons II

Sunder Tendons III

Sunder Tendons IV

Sunder Tendons V

Ultimate Sacrifice
(L6 Guardian)