Concise Version, General Feats

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Divine Nature I Summon Ally I Summon Ally II Summon Ally III Summon Ally IV Summon Ally V Apostle Templar Shaman Witchdoctor
Divine Nature II Blessing of Daeder I Blessing of Daeder II Blessing of Daeder III

Blessing of Sorn I Blessing of Sorn II Blessing of Sorn III

Blessing of Veldex I Blessing of Veldex II Blessing of Veldex III

Divine Nature III Prayer Focus: Divinity I
Prayer Focus: Divinity II
Prayer Focus: Divinity III
Prayer Focus: Divinity IV
Prayer Focus: Divinity V
Exceptional Orator I ]
Exceptional Orator II
(Charisma 13)
Exceptional Orator III
(Charisma 14)
Exceptional Orator IV
(Charisma 15)
Exceptional Orator V
(Charisma 16)
Divine Nature IV Razor Fangs I
Razor Fangs II
Razor Fangs III
Razor Fangs IV
Razor Fangs V
Divine Nature V Animal Friendship I
Animal Friendship II
Animal Friendship III
Animal Friendship IV
Animal Friendship V
Divine Nature VI

Divine Nature VII Call the Pack I
Shaman lvl 4
Call the Pack II

Call the Pack III

Call the Pack IV

Call the Pack V

Divine Nature VIII

Divine Nature IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Focused Wrath I Call Favor I Call Favor II Call Favor III Call Favor IV Call Favor V Apostle Templar Shaman Witchdoctor
Focused Wrath II Blessing of Crest I Blessing of Crest II Blessing of Crest III
Focused Wrath III
Absolute Contrition I
Bonded Magic I
Absolute Contrition II

Bonded Magic II
Absolute Contrition III

Bonded Magic III
Absolute Contrition IV

Bonded Magic IV
Absolute Contrition V

Bonded Magic V
Focused Wrath IV Prayer Focus: Wrath I
Prayer Focus: Wrath II
Prayer Focus: Wrath III
Prayer Focus: Wrath IV
Prayer Focus: Wrath V
Exhalted Exhortation I Exhalted Exhortation II Exhalted Exhortation III Exhalted Exhortation IV Exhalted Exhortation V
Focused Wrath V
Fire and Brimstone I
Fire and Brimstone II
Fire and Brimstone III
Fire and Brimstone IV
Fire and Brimstone V
Focused Wrath VI

Focused Wrath VII

Focused Wrath VIII

Focused Wrath IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Faith Healer I Sacred Refuge I
Sacred Refuge II
Sacred Refuge III
Sacred Refuge IV
Sacred Refuge V
Apostle Templar Shaman Witchdoctor
Faith Healer II Blessing of Basenbe I Blessing of Basenbe II Blessing of Basenbe III

Blessing of Malamay I Blessing of Malamay II Blessing of Malamay III

Faith Healer III Natural Balance I
(Piety 4)
Natural Balance II
(Piety 8)
Natural Balance III
(Piety 12)
Natural Balance IV
(Piety 16)
Natural Balance V
(Piety 20)
Faith Healer IV Prayer Focus: Healing I Prayer Focus: Healing II Prayer Focus: Healing III Prayer Focus: Healing IV Prayer Focus: Healing V
Faith Healer V
Pious Force of Will I

Pious Force of Will II

Pious Force of Will III

Pious Force of Will IV

Pious Force of Will V
Faith Healer VI

Faith Healer VII

Faith Healer VIII

Faith Healer IX

Class Feats
Apostle's Gift I
Apostle's Gift II

Apostle's Gift III

Apostle's Gift IV

Apostle's Gift V

Benevolent Warding I
(Apostle L2)
Benevolent Warding II

Benevolent Warding III

Benevolent Warding IV

Benevolent Warding V

Cleanse Malady I
(Shaman L2, Priest L5)
Cleanse Malady II

Cleanse Malady III

Cleanse Malady IV

Cleanse Malady V

Defensive Companion I
(Shaman L3)
Defensive Companion II

Defensive Companion III

Defensive Companion IV

Defensive Companion V

Forest Bond I
(L4 Druid)
Forest Bond II

Forest Bond III

Forest Bond IV

Forest Bond V

Forest Bond I
(Druid L3)
Forest Bond II

Forest Bond III

Forest Bond IV

Forest Bond V

Forest Stalker I
(L3 Druid)
Forest Stalker II

Forest Stalker III

Forest Stalker IV

Forest Stalker V

God's Mailed Fist I
God's Mailed Fist II

God's Mailed Fist III

God's Mailed Fist IV

God's Mailed Fist V

Green Stingers I
(L1 Druid - automatic)
Green Stingers II

Green Stingers III

Green Stingers IV

Green Stingers V

Gaia's Breeze
(Druid L1, Piety 4)
Gaia's Wind
(Piety 7)
Gaia's Storm
(Piety 9)
Gaia's Sanctity
(Piety 11)
Gaia's Sanctuary
(Piety 13)
Gaia's Call
(Piety 15)

Know Anatomy I Know Anatomy II Know Anatomy III

Nature's Reprieve I
Nature's Reprieve II

Nature's Reprieve III

Nature's Reprieve IV

Nature's Reprieve V

Purification I
(Wisdom 15)
Purification II

Purification III

Purification IV

Purification V

Passionate Crusader I
(Crusader's Dedication, L1 Priest)
Passionate Crusader II

Passionate Crusader III

Passionate Crusader IV

Passionate Crusader V

Proclaimed Judgement I
(L3 Priest)
Proclaimed Judgement II

Proclaimed Judgement III

Proclaimed Judgement IV

Proclaimed Judgement V

Purification I
(Wisdom 15)
Purification II

Purification III

Purification IV

Purification V

Return to the Grave I
(Templar L2)
Return to the Grave II

Return to the Grave III

Return to the Grave IV

Return to the Grave V

Sacrament of Mending I
(Wisdom 16)
Sacrament of Mending II

Sacrament of Mending III

Sacrament of Mending IV

Sacrament of Mending V

Smite Evil I
(Crusader's Dedication, L1 Priest)
Smite Evil II

Smite Evil III

Smite Evil IV

Smite Evil V

Soothing Remedy I
(L2 Druid)
Soothing Remedy II

Soothing Remedy III

Soothing Remedy IV

Soothing Remedy V