Type: Defender, Warrior, Rogue, Ranger
Required For:
Prerequisites: Proficiency with the chosen weapon type, BAB 8, Weapon Specialization
Use: Selected
Cooldown Timer: n/a
FeatID: 62

Feat DescriptionEdit

Combat ability doubles the critical threat range with a given weapon. A longsword that normally threatens a critical on a roll of 19-20 would now threaten a critical on a roll of 17-20. The threat range of a Keen weapon is already doubled, and is not further improved with this feat.

This feat can be selected multiple times, applying to a new weapon category each time.

Special: Halflings and Gnomes are small creatures and as such they can never use the following large weapons: greataxes, greatswords, halberds, scythes, spears, and warmaces.