Concise Version, General Feats

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Arcane Study I Magi Force I
(Concentration 3)
Magi Force II
(Concentration 5)
Magi Force III
(Concentration 7)
Magi Force IV
(Concentration 9)
Magi Force V
(Concentration 11)
Necromancer Conjuror Elementalist Spellbinder
Arcane Study II Enigmatic Field I Enigmatic Field II Enigmatic Field III Enigmatic Field IV Enigmatic Field V
Arcane Study III Psychic Barbs I
(Spellcraft 4)
Breath of Hoar I
Psychic Barbs II
(Spellcraft 6)
Breath of Hoar II
Psychic Barbs III
(Spellcraft 8)
Breath of Hoar III
Psychic Barbs IV
(Spellcraft 10)
Breath of Hoar IV
Psychic Barbs V
(Spellcraft 12)
Breath of Hoar V
Arcane Study IV Rox's Stunning Aura I
Bonded Magic I
Rox's Stunning Aura II
Bonded Magic II
Rox's Stunning Aura III
Bonded Magic III
Rox's Stunning Aura IV
Bonded Magic IV
Rox's Stunning Aura V
Bonded Magic V
Arcane Study V Magi Engulfment I
(Concentration 5)
Magi Engulfment II
(Concentration 7)
Magi Engulfment III
(Concentration 9)
Magi Engulfment IV
(Concentration 11)
Magi Engulfment V
(Concentration 13)
Arcane Study VI Fuse Elements I Fuse Elements II Fuse Elements III Fuse Elements IV Fuse Elements V
Arcane Study VII Bounce Blast I Bounce Blast II Bounce Blast III Bounce Blast IV Bounce Blast V
Arcane Study VIII

Arcane Study IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Matter Manipulation I Summon Minion I
(Spellcraft 3)
Summon Minion II
(Spellcraft 5)
Summon Minion III
(Spellcraft 7)
Summon Minion IV
(Spellcraft 9)
Summon Minion V
(Spellcraft 13)
Necromancer Conjuror Elementalist Spellbinder
Matter Manipulation II Bound Portal Astral Beacon Astral Travel
Matter Manipulation III Swift Grant I Swift Grant II Swift Grant III Swift Grant IV Swift Grant V
Matter Manipulation IV Rend Defenses I
(Lore 4)
Vital Bond I
Fervent Companion)
Rend Defenses II
(Lore 7)
Vital Bond II

Rend Defenses III
(Lore 10)
Vital Bond III

Rend Defenses IV
(Lore 13)
Vital Bond IV

Rend Defenses V
(Lore 16)
Vital Bond V

Matter Manipulation V Unwilling Transfusion I
(Necromancer, Dark Arts 4)
Unwilling Transfusion II
(Dark Arts 6)
Unwilling Transfusion III
(Dark Arts 8)
Unwilling Transfusion IV
(Dark Arts 10)
Unwilling Transfusion V
(Dark Arts 12)
Matter Manipulation VI Astral Travel - Other
(Astral Travel)

Matter Manipulation VII Necromantic Amplify I
(Dark Arts 5)
Necromantic Amplify II
(Dark Arts 7)
Necromantic Amplify III
(Dark Arts 9)
Necromantic Amplify IV
(Dark Arts 11)
Necromantic Amplify V
(Dark Arts 13)
Matter Manipulation VIII

Matter Manipulation IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Rift Channeling I Illusionary Aura I Illusionary Aura II Illusionary Aura III Illusionary Aura IV Illusionary Aura V Necromancer Conjuror Elementalist Spellbinder
Daydreams I Daydreams II Daydreams III Daydreams IV Daydreams V
Rift Channeling II Riftway Travel I
(Rift Navigation 4)
Riftway Travel II
(Rift Navigation 8)
Riftway Travel III
(Rift Navigation 12)
Riftway Travel IV
(Rift Navigation 16)
Riftway Travel V
(Rift Navigation 20)
Arcane Manipulation I Arcane Manipulation II Arcane Manipulation III Arcane Manipulation IV Arcane Manipulation V
Rift Channeling III Rift Reflection I
(Lore 4)
Rift Reflection II
(Lore 6)
Rift Reflection III
(Lore 8)
Rift Reflection IV
(Lore 10)
Rift Reflection V
(Lore 12)
Rift Channeling IV Wizardry Knowledge (Fire) I
(Spellcraft 4)
Wizardry Knowledge (Fire) II
(Spellcraft 6)
Wizardry Knowledge (Fire) III
(Spellcraft 8)
Wizardry Knowledge (Fire) IV
(Spellcraft 10)
Wizardry Knowledge (Fire) V
(Spellcraft 12)
Wizardry Knowledge (Cold) I
(Spellcraft 4)
Wizardry Knowledge (Cold) II
(Spellcraft 6)
Wizardry Knowledge (Cold) III
(Spellcraft 8)
Wizardry Knowledge (Cold) IV
(Spellcraft 10)
Wizardry Knowledge (Cold) V
(Spellcraft 12)
Wizardry Knowledge (Acid) I
(Spellcraft 4)
Wizardry Knowledge (Acid) II
(Spellcraft 6)
Wizardry Knowledge (Acid) III
(Spellcraft 8)
Wizardry Knowledge (Acid) IV
(Spellcraft 10)
Wizardry Knowledge (Acid) V
(Spellcraft 12)
Wizardry Knowledge (Electrical) I
(Spellcraft 4)
Wizardry Knowledge (Electrical) II
(Spellcraft 6)
Wizardry Knowledge (Electrical) III
(Spellcraft 8)
Wizardry Knowledge (Electrical) IV
(Spellcraft 10)
Wizardry Knowledge (Electrical) V
(Spellcraft 12)
Rift Channeling V Rift Focus I
(Lore 4)
Rift Focus II
(Lore 6)
Rift Focus III
(Lore 8)
Rift Focus IV
(Lore 10)
Rift Focus V
(Lore 12)
Rift Channeling VI Magnified Energy I Magnified Energy II Magnified Energy III Magnified Energy IV Magnified Energy V
Rift Channeling VII Compelled Service I
Compelled Service II
Compelled Service III
Compelled Service IV
Compelled Service V
Rift Channeling VIII

Rift Channeling IX

Class Feats
Augment Summons I
(L4 Mage - automatic)

Arcane Vestments I Arcane Vestments II Arcane Vestments III Arcane Vestments IV Arcane Vestments V
Blood Ritual I
(Dark Arts 10)
Blood Ritual II
(Dark Arts 12)
Blood Ritual III
(Dark Arts 14)
Blood Ritual IV
(Dark Arts 16)
Blood Ritual V
(Dark Arts 18)
Elemental Accuracy I
(Elementalist Level 2)
Elemental Accuracy II
Elemental Accuracy III
Elemental Accuracy IV
Elemental Accuracy V
Elemental Bonding I
(Elementalist Level 3)
Elemental Bonding II
Elemental Bonding III
Elemental Bonding IV
Elemental Bonding V
Elemental Fascination
(Elementalist Level 1)

Elemental Insight
(Elementalist Level 5)

Empowered Elements I
(Elementalist Level 6)
Empowered Elements II
Empowered Elements III
Empowered Elements IV
Empowered Elements V
Element Mastery I
(Elementalist Level 4)
Element Mastery II
Element Mastery III
Element Mastery IV
Element Mastery V
Favored Element Resistance I
(Elementalist Level 5)
Favored Element Resistance II
Favored Element Resistance III
Favored Element Resistance IV
Favored Element Resistance V
Grave Mastery I
(Necromancer L2)
Grave Mastery II
(Necromancer L3)
Grave Mastery III
(Necromancer L5)
Grave Mastery IV
(Necromancer L6)
Grave Mastery V
(Necromancer L8)
Magi Vindication I
(Spellcraft 12)
Magi Vindication II
Magi Vindication III
Magi Vindication IV
Magi Vindication V
Magi Freezing Rain I
(Elementalist Level 1)
Magi Freezing Rain II
Magi Freezing Rain III
Magi Freezing Rain IV
Magi Freezing Rain V
Planar Charisma I Planar Charisma II Planar Charisma III Planar Charisma IV Planar Charisma V
Planar Mastery I
(Planar Charisma I)
Planar Mastery II
(Planar Charisma II)
Planar Mastery III
(Planar Charisma III)
Planar Mastery IV
(Planar Charisma IV)
Planar Mastery V
(Planar Charisma V)