Concise Version, General Feats

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Ambusher's Way I
Field Fletching I
(Survival 4)
Silent Flight I
Field Fletching II
(Survival 6)
Silent Flight II
Field Fletching III
(Survival 8)
Silent Flight III
Field Fletching IV
(Survival 10)
Silent Flight IV
Field Fletching V
(Survival 12)
Silent Flight V
Burglar Dervish Marksman Pathfinder
Ambusher's Way II Safe Camp I
(Survival 5)
Safe Camp II
(Survival 7)
Safe Camp III
(Survival 9)
Safe Camp IV
(Survival 11)
Safe Camp V
(Survival 13)
Ambusher's Way III Keen Eye I
(Spot 5, DEX14)
Stout Draw I
Keen Eye II
(Spot 7)
Stout Draw II

Keen Eye III
(Spot 9)
Stout Draw III

Keen Eye IV
(Spot 11)
Stout Draw IV

Keen Eye V
(Spot 13)
Stout Draw V

Ambusher's Way IV Pregnable Arrow I
(Longbow, DEX 14)
Punishing Rain I
(Longbow, DEX 14)
Pregnable Arrow II

Punishing Rain II

Pregnable Arrow III

Punishing Rain III

Pregnable Arrow IV

Punishing Rain IV

Pregnable Arrow V

Punishing Rain V

Ambusher's Way V Arrow Barrage I
(Longbow, DEX 14)
Safe Passage
Arrow Barrage II

Arrow Barrage III

Arrow Barrage IV

Arrow Barrage V

Ambusher's Way VI Arrow of Vulnerability I
(Tactician 6)
Arrow of Vulnerability II
(Tactician 8)
Arrow of Vulnerability III
(Tactician 10)
Arrow of Vulnerability IV
(Tactician 12)
Arrow of Vulnerability V
(Tactician 14)
Ambusher's Way VII
Exploit Weakness I Exploit Weakness II Exploit Weakness III Exploit Weakness IV Exploit Weakness V
Ambusher's Way VIII Archers Prowess I
(Longbow, DEX 15)
Archers Prowess II

Archers Prowess III

Archers Prowess IV

Archers Prowess V

Ambusher's Way IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Battle Intuition I
(DEX 14)
Vicious Blade I
(Tactician 4)
Vicious Blade II
(Tactician 6)
Vicious Blade III
(Tactician 8)
Vicious Blade IV
(Tactician 10)
Vicious Blade V
(Tactician 12)
Burglar Dervish Marksman Pathfinder
Battle Intuition II
Weapon Synergy (Axe) I
Weapon Synergy (Sword) I
(Piercing Weapon)
Weapon Synergy (Axe) II
Weapon Synergy (Sword) II

Weapon Synergy (Axe) III
Weapon Synergy (Sword) III

Weapon Synergy (Axe) IV
Weapon Synergy (Sword) IV

Weapon Synergy (Axe) V
Weapon Synergy (Sword) V

Battle Intuition III Merciful Blow I Merciful Blow II Merciful Blow III Merciful Blow IV Merciful Blow V
Battle Intuition IV Bleeding Cut I
(Tactician 5)
Bleeding Cut II
(Tactician 7)
Bleeding Cut III
(Tactician 9)
Bleeding Cut IV
(Tactician 11)
Bleeding Cut V
(Tactician 13)
Battle Intuition V Shield of Blades I
(Parry 5)
Coldblooded Dig I
(Dervish L1)
Shield of Blades II
(Parry 7)
Coldblooded Dig II
Shield of Blades III
(Parry 9)
Coldblooded Dig III
Shield of Blades IV
(Parry 11)
Coldblooded Dig IV
Shield of Blades V
(Parry 13)
Coldblooded Dig V
Battle Intuition VI Whirl of Steel I
(DEX15, Parry 4)
Quickened Thrust I
(Dervish L4)
Whirl of Steel II
(Parry 6)
Quickened Thrust II
Whirl of Steel III
(Parry 8)
Quickened Thrust III
Whirl of Steel IV
(Parry 10)
Quickened Thrust IV
Whirl of Steel V
(Parry 12)
Quickened Thrust V
Battle Intuition VII
Precise Stroke I
(Tactician 6)
Tender Prey I
(Dervish L5)
Precise Stroke II
(Tactician 8)
Tender Prey II
Precise Stroke III
(Tactician 10)
Tender Prey III
Precise Stroke IV
(Tactician 12)
Tender Prey IV
Precise Stroke V
(Tactician 14)
Tender Prey V
Battle Intuition VIII

Battle Intuition IX

Master Feat
Follow up Feats Eligible Classes
Natural Cunning I Dirty Tricks I
(Sleight of Hand 4)
Dirty Tricks II
(Sleight of Hand 6)
Dirty Tricks III
(Sleight of Hand 8)
Dirty Tricks IV
(Sleight of Hand 10)
Dirty Tricks V
(Sleight of Hand 12)
Burglar Dervish Marksman Pathfinder
Natural Cunning II
Smokey Distraction I
(Sleight of Hand 3)
Smokey Distraction II
(Sleight of Hand 6)
Smokey Distraction III
(Sleight of Hand 9)
Smokey Distraction IV
(Sleight of Hand 12)
Smokey Distraction V
(Sleight of Hand 15)
Minor Contrivance I
(INT 13, Set Trap 2)
Minor Contrivance II
(Set Trap 4)
Minor Contrivance III
(Set Trap 6)

Natural Cunning III Skillful Reconnoiter I
(Spot 4)
Skillful Reconnoiter II
(Spot 6)
Skillful Reconnoiter III
(Spot 8)
Skillful Reconnoiter IV
(Spot 10)
Skillful Reconnoiter V
(Spot 12)
Average Contrivance I
(Minor Contrivance III)
Average Contrivance II
(Set Trap 10)
Average Contrivance III

Natural Cunning IV Consumate Thief I
(INT 14, DEX14)
Consumate Thief II

Consumate Thief III

Consumate Thief IV

Consumate Thief V

Razor Fangs I
Razor Fangs II
Razor Fangs III
Razor Fangs IV
Razor Fangs V
Strong Contrivance I
(Average Contrivance III)
Strong Contrivance II
(Set Trap 12)
Strong Contrivance III
(Set Trap 14)

Natural Cunning V Animal Husbandry I
(Animal Companion)
Animal Husbandry II

Animal Husbandry III

Animal Husbandry IV

Animal Husbandry V

Pack Hunter I
(Animal Husbandry III)
Pack Hunter II
(Animal Husbandry IV)
Pack Hunter III
(Animal Husbandry V)
Pack Hunter IV

Pack Hunter V

Deadly Contrivance I
(Strong Contrivance III)
Deadly Contrivance II
(Set Trap 16)
Deadly Contrivance III
(Set Trap 18)

Natural Cunning VI Advanced Trap Know-How I
(Set Trap 5)
Advanced Trap Know-How II
(Set Trap 7)
Advanced Trap Know-How III
(Set Trap 9)
Advanced Trap Know-How IV
(Set Trap 11)
Advanced Trap Know-How V
(Set Trap 13)
Natural Cunning VII Find Weakness
(Non-Humanoid) I
Find Weakness
(Non-Humanoid) II
Find Weakness
(Non-Humanoid) III
Find Weakness
(Non-Humanoid) IV
Find Weakness
(Non-Humanoid) V
Find Weakness (Elemental) I
(Spot 6)
Find Weakness (Elemental) II
(Spot 8)
Find Weakness (Elemental) III
(Spot 10)
Find Weakness (Elemental) IV
(Spot 12)
Find Weakness (Elemental) V
(Spot 15)
Natural Cunning VIII Find Weakness (Constructs) I
(Spot 10)
Find Weakness (Constructs) II
(Spot 10)
Find Weakness (Constructs) III
(Spot 12)
Find Weakness (Constructs) IV
(Spot 15)
Find Weakness (Constructs) V
(Spot 18)
Natural Cunning IX Find Weakness (Undead) I
(Spot 10)
Find Weakness (Undead) II
(Spot 12)
Find Weakness (Undead) III
(Spot 14)
Find Weakness (Undead) IV
(Spot 17)
Find Weakness (Undead) V
(Spot 20)
Class Feats
Advanced TrapSetting I
(Burglar L1)
Advanced TrapSetting II

Advanced TrapSetting III

Advanced TrapSetting IV

Advanced TrapSetting V

Archer Lore (Master)
(Field Fletching I)
Archer Lore (Heroic)

Archer Lore (Ancient)

Archer Lore (Legendary)

Archer Lore (Ancient)

Blade and Buckler I
Blade and Buckler II

Blade and Buckler III

Blade and Buckler IV

Blade and Buckler V

Battle Hardiness I
(Constitution 13)
Battle Hardiness II

Battle Hardiness III

Battle Hardiness IV

Battle Hardiness V

Buckler Counter I
(Pathfinder L5)
Buckler Counter II

Buckler Counter III

Buckler Counter IV

Buckler Counter V

Buckler Joust I
(Pathfinder L3)
Buckler Joust II

Buckler Joust III

Buckler Joust IV

Buckler Joust V

Contrivance Mastery I
(Burglar L2)
Contrivance Mastery II
Advanced TrapSetting I
Contrivance Mastery III
Advanced TrapSetting II
Contrivance Mastery IV
Advanced TrapSetting III
Contrivance Mastery V
Advanced TrapSetting IV
Defensive Companion I
(Pathfinder L6)
Defensive Companion II

Defensive Companion III

Defensive Companion IV

Defensive Companion V

Forest Bond I
(Pathfinder L4)
Forest Bond II

Forest Bond III

Forest Bond IV

Forest Bond V

Forest Stalker I
(Pathfinder L4)
Forest Stalker II

Forest Stalker III

Forest Stalker IV

Forest Stalker V

Lay of the Land I
(Pathfinder L7)
Lay of the Land II

Lay of the Land III

Lay of the Land IV

Lay of the Land V

Nature's Bounty I
(Pathfinder L6)
Nature's Bounty II

Nature's Bounty III

Nature's Bounty IV

Nature's Bounty V

Safe Passage
(Pathfinder L1, Forest Stalker III, Ambusher's Way V)
Sunder Tendons I
(L3 Dervish)
Sunder Tendons II

Sunder Tendons III

Sunder Tendons IV

Sunder Tendons V

Weapon Proficiency (Stiletto) I
(Scout L1, Dexterity 14)
Weapon Proficiency (Stiletto) II
(Rogue L1, Dexterity 15)
Weapon Proficiency (Stiletto) III
(Burglar or Dervish L1, Dexterity 16)