Modifying Ability: Charisma
Class Skill:
Cross Class Skill:
Requires Training: No
Use: Automatic

Skill DescriptionEdit

A successful Use Magic Device check allows the character to use a magic item as if he had a required class, race, or alignment.

Check: The base DC is determined by the value of the item and can vary depending on the type of item the character is attempting to use.

  1. Emulate a Specific Race: This involves using items that are typically restricted to a certain race. (Minimum DC5)
  2. Emulate an Alignment: This involves using items that are alignment restricted. (Minimum DC10)
  3. Emulate a Class: (Minimum DC 13)
  4. Use a Scroll: Level 1(DC13), Level 2(DC15), Level 3(DC17), Level 4(DC19), Level 5(DC21), Level 6(DC23), Level 7(DC25), Level 8(DC27), Level 9(DC29)
  5. Use a Wand: (DC 10)
  6. Use a Rod: (DC 12)

Note: The DCs represented here are based on the minimum caster level for a particular scroll. Scrolls with caster levels higher than the minimum can have increased DCs. For example, a character can use a scroll of fireball (5) with a Use Magic Device skill of 17. This is because fireball is a 3rd level spell with a minimum caster level of 5. If the same character attempted to use a scroll of fireball (9), the DC would be increased.